Social Media Management Connect to your customers daily

Social Media users participate in a complex web of interactions in which they communicate and interact with each other in an ever-expanding, diverse, living community. Social Media is difficult, never ending, always changing, time consuming, time sensitive, at times overwhelming, and definitely mandatory for conducting business in our day and age.

Pressert Marketing has a unique strategy for building and managing client profiles. For a fraction of the time and cost of a full-time employee, Pressert Marketing can add thousands of contacts to your social media profile, and then interact with all your contacts (new and loyal customers).

“MANAGEMENT” is the key word! Pressert Marketing will manage your social media profiles by building contact lists, filtering contacts, maintaining a professional profile image, keeping interaction personal yet professional, monitoring interaction for potential business “leads,” and responding to interaction in a timely manner.

Oftentimes, business managers and marketing coordinators struggle to manage social media; not knowing how to properly build, maintain, or focus on this form of outreach nor do they always have the time to prioritize this form of communication.

Social Media is our expertise and where we do business all day, every day.

  • Sharing
  • Connection
  • Community
  • Growth
  • Inbound Traffic
  • Dedication

Social Sharing

We've discovered that social sharing by means of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other resources is a valuable tool every business should use. It's a 'free' way to engage your audience and provide a way to direct them to a virtual storefront (website). With the right knowledge and resources, it can mean thousands of dollars in increased revenue.

Connecting to Your Audience

We developed a system that allows a business to connect with their audience on a regular basis. We've tried various methods and only the best ones were chosen to maximize exposure. Your audience will express their attention with likes and shares, ultimately giving you more outreach for branding and new customers.

Online Community

Everyone on the internet is a real person, and this makes the entire group a community with whom your business must establish a relationship with. It is much more personal than taking an ad out out in a local paper, and creates a sense of bonding with your customer base. Sometimes a viral effect will boost the community's spotlight and bring in more users, ultimately bringing in more sales.

Network Growth and Outreach

With our established methods we've taken some of our clients from zero friends to thousands of friends within a short span of time. Our clients are always surprised to watch their list of friends exceed what they were able to do by themselves. This is because we have developed a streamlined way of conducting social media growth, and use this method for our clients..

Inbound Traffic

Social Media drives traffic, and not the kind you need a car for. This traffic is from the internet and it's proven to work with our methods. When we post content to our clients social media feed it boosts traffic to their website, and we've seen the statistics to prove this. Contact us for more information and details on the results of our analyzation of traffic sources.


When you hire someone from within the company to manage your Facebook or other social media profiles, it typically ends in frustration. The person managing the page isn't dedicated to it 24/7 and likely only puts in a minimal amount of effort. Pressert Marketing is always dedicated to your social campaign and maintaining your online presence.