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Opportunity for Highly Trafficked Online Advertising


Pressert Marketing Your marketing department just got sweeter!

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  • All-Star Team


Pressert Marketing was founded by like-minded professionals who know how to use marketing experience to grow a business and ultimately increase the overall profits.

Pressert Marketing's Goal

We will provide our clients with modern, strategic, and creative ways to drive revenue into their pockets. Our clients don’t have to spend more money on marketing, they just have to spend it better.

Reach Out

We get satisfaction out of watching clients we work with grow in customer base as well as sales. Our motivation comes from watching our clients become sought after.

A Drive to Succeed

Because our time is limited and our focus is strong, we set a high bar for ourselves and our clients in order to maximize success. We commit to our actions, and expect our clients to do the same.

Diverse & Experienced

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, each with unique abilities and proven track records of successful accomplishments. From owning separate business to launching viral campaigns, our team has been there.

Statistics to Prove It

We track everything we do in order to watch our clients grow. By analyzing web statistics, customer history, and monthly revenue we can prove that our techniques work for our clients.

Ideas That Count

Don't waste your money on fluff advertising. Our team thinks outside the box when it comes to problem solving, getting ahead of the competition and effectively targeting audiences.

Style & Design

In addition to our strategic creativity, we are home to great writers, designers, graphic artists, videographers, and audio engineering team members, all dedicated to providing quality service.

We Never Lose at Chess

When strategy crosses over from the chessboard to the boardroom things really get exciting. We constantly study, plot, and devise methods to effectively earn you more money while saving on advertising costs.

We Study Your Customer

To learn about our clients, we spend a great amount of time analyzing their customer base and adapting our methods to suit their customer's needs. From there we can build a strategic plan for growth.

Our Team Rocks

We've got the ingredients to make your life sweeter! We are the A-Team of marketing with each member contributing a special skillset of their own. When it comes to getting your name out, we cover all the bases.

We Want YOU on Our Team

While working with our clients, we actively involve them in our strategy and work. Our friendly team is always there to help you as well as increase your profits. We want to make results with you.

What Do We Do? We spend your money like it's our own, on results

Client Testimonials See what our clients are saying about us


Randy Woods

Woods Furniture Galleries
"Pressert Marketing is a hit! We've been using them for web services, Internet marketing, and advertising. In all three areas they've succeeded in increasing revenue as well as creating a means for our team to reach out to our customer base. Problem solvers that can do it all!"


Robert & Shelly Bell

Bell Real Estate

Pressert Marking has taken our Real Estate business to a whole new level. The marketing concepts have put us a step ahead of our competition, and they have put our name out in the community in ways we would have never thought of. Working with Pressert has truly been a blessing.


Corinne Rheinschild

Turlock Poker Room

“Pressert Marketing’s above-and-beyond approach to promoting your business is all-inclusive, streamlining your company’s vision through all forms of media. Whether on paper or on the internet, their efforts are impactful and effective. 


Caroline Backus

Red Brick Cafe

“We have seen improvements in our business clientele since we selected Pressert Marketing. They surveyed our customers and made changes to best benefit us. Our social media interaction and exposure has skyrocketed with the help of Pressert Marketing.”

Free Consultation (Value $1000)

Experience & AdaptabilityWe're always working with new things

Marketing principles are rapidly changing… The Internet has revolutionized strategic marketing.  To navigate these powerful new tools, you need experts with a proven track record. You need someone who can customize an Internet marketing plan for your business.


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